For smaller type businesses sometimes a computer based accounting system is just over the top. We spoke recently about a very simple invoicing software package that may suit small businesses who just want to issue quotes and invoices but you may be in a smaller business who wants a bit more detail about how your business is getting on.

The basic bookkeeping spreadsheets (which can be downloaded at the bottom of this post or from the Toolbox) are designed to be easy to use. Hopefully they may also save you a few quid with your accountant 🙂

These bookkeeping templates are relevant to smaller type businesses that are either sole traders or partnerships. They may also be suitable for smaller limited companies. You also have options of whether to download the VAT or Non-VAT spreadsheet depending on whether you b is VAT registered or not.

Just to say as well that these are just templates that you can change to make them better suit your business.

If you use the above spreadsheets and you have found them useful please feel free to leave your comments below 🙂